Infleatable Penile Implant

The Inflatable Penile Implant ZSI 475 is designed to treat erectile dysfunction. The device is composed of two inflatable cylinders
connected to a manual pump and a reservoir. The cylinders are implanted in the corpus cavernosa, the Pump is implanted in the
scrotum and the reservoir is implanted in the pelvis.

• Implant designed for corpus cavernosa from 12 to 24 cm.
• Inflatable parts of 13 cm, 16 cm and 19 cm included in the box.
• PVP coated.
• Assembly and filling at surgical theatre.
• Manual Pump to inflate and deflate the device.
• MTBF: 10 years.
• MCBF > 3000 cycles (3 erections a week, 52 weeks per year, during 10 years x2).

• Proximal extensors 10, 20 and 30 mm.
• Distal extensors 10 and 20 mm.
• Two set of connectors.
• Two needles and threads.
• Two special connectors to fill the device.
• A Ruler/Introducer.
• A spatula.
Dilators and/or cavernotomes are not included in the box.

Erection: The patient presses and releases several times the Pump Button to fill the inflatable cylinders. After sexual intercourse the
patient presses the Pump valve to deflate the cylinders.