Malleable Penile Implant


The Malleable Penile Implant ZSI 100 is designed to treat erectile dysfunction. It is composed of two malleable cylinders made of silicone with inner silver cable. It is implanted in the corpus cavernosa.


• PVP coated.

• For corpus cavernosa from 120 to 250 mm:

– Maximal length: 250mm.

– Minimal length (after cutting): 120 mm.

• ZSI 100 D09: Diameter 09 mm.

• ZSI 100 D11: Diameter 11 mm.

• ZSI 100 D13: Diameter 13 mm.

• Extensors of 1.5 cm. Minimal length 1 cm after cutting.

• MCBF (Mean Cycle Before Failure): 14’000 Cycles.

Ruler and Dilators are not included in the box.


Erection: The patient moves up his penis with his hand upward. After sexual intercourse he moves it downwards.